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. Special Guest

After graduating in Political Science RUDOLF VAN DEN BERG made his first professional documentary, 'Algerian Times', in 1976. In 1980, determined to learn more about feature film, he took the night bus to Italy. In Rome, he managed to get in touch with Italian director Marco Ferreri who offered him a humble position on his set. A decisive experience. In the famous studios of Cinecitta Rudolf got the chance to witness the director's craft. Two years later Rudolf directed his first feature film, 'Bastille', for which he received the Golden Calf (aka the Dutch Oscar) for best film. More feature films and awards followed while Rudolf showed his diversity as a filmmaker, such as 'Evenings', 'Looking for Eileen' and 'The Johnsons' (a horror film that still enjoys a modest worldwide cult status).

When, in 1996, Rudolf's English language films 'The Cold Light of Day' and 'For My Baby' were doing well internationally but not in The Netherlands, Rudolf decided to try his luck in the US. In Los Angeles he met renowned film producer Pierre Spengler. Together they made the film 'Snapshots', starring Burt Reynolds and Julie Christie. 

In 2007, after reading 'Tirza' by Dutch novelist Arnon Grunberg, Rudolf knew he had to make a feature film again. In 2012, Rudolf and his team brought 'Süskind' to the screen. A controversial view on the annihilation of the Dutch Jewry, a stunning film experience. Rudolf's most discussed and renowned documentaries are 'The Alien's Place', 'Sal Santen Rebel' and, more recently 'Hamartía'.

His upcoming film Een Echte Vermeer is expected to hit Dutch Cinema in Autumn this year and we are looking forward to watching a short sneak peek of this movie and finding out more about this project. 

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