Special Guest:

With his jazz group The Waterland Ensemble, LOEK DIKKER has been touring worldwide. In 1981 he wrote his first film score and it was the immediate start of a successful career as a composer for the cinema. Since then, he has been writing -mostly symphonic- music for 60 films in several European countries, and for Hollywood productions. The producers involved include: Joel Schumacher, Mark Levinson, Aaron Spelling, Frank Mancuso Jr. and Eric Fellner.
He has been working with directors such as Paul Verhoeven, Matthew Chapman, James Dearden on Pascali’s Island (also scriptwriter of “Fatal Attraction”), Eric Red, Richard Blank and Margarethe von Trotta (Rosenstrasse) on films featuring Johnny Depp, Ben Kingsley, Robert Redford, Eric Roberts, Alicia Silverstone, John Hurt and Helen Mirren.
Between his multiple awards, Loek was awarded with a Golden Calf for his contributions to Dutch cinema. He was also awarded with the prestigious Saturn Award (Hollywood) for Best music for Eric Red 's Body Parts. He was the only non-American composer to ever receive this award in 20 years, until the German Hans Zimmer equalled this achievement with the score of Inception.

In our Official Selection:

. Secret Sounds directed by Simon Muskitta & Stephan van den Brink
. Conversation with a Fallen Ideal directed by Hortense Lauras

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