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Shortcutz started this year with the takeover sessions. We want to show you how a great team working, with all the people involved trying to excel themselves to make a project, can achieve great(er) things! The sooner you learn the magic of team leading and collaboration the sooner you are on the right way to something remarkable. 

with Norbert ter Hall (director/creative producer), Shahine El Hamus (actor), Marja Paeper (post-production supervisor), Robert Alberdingk Thijm (writer/creative producer), Urmie Plein (actress), Rutger Remkes (actor), Rick Paul van Mulligen (actor), Marina Blok (producer  NTR), Jasper Boeke (composer), Susan Radder (actress), Han van der Werff (line producer), Maik Rözer (2nd assistant Director), Gerben Breur (1st assistant Director) and many more!

Life in the city. Every day our lives cross those of hundreds, maybe even thousands of other people we don’t know: chance passers-by, fellow local residents, shopkeepers, perfect strangers, a voice at the other end of the telephone, young, old, close or at a distance. Our existence constantly touches that of others. 
Sometimes we share a decisive moment. Sometimes we are unintentional witnesses of a turning point in someone’s existence. Very often, nothing special is going on; we just happen to be together, at the same moment and in the same place, and then permanently disappear from each other’s lives. 
How would it be if we could see beyond that one shared moment? If we would follow those chance passers-by? If we became familiar
with their fortunes and saw how the course of their lives was influenced by us, and vice versa? 

That’s what A'DAM - E.V.A. (English title AMSTERDAM PARADISE) is about. This 24-part series shows in how many visible and invisible ways we are connected to each other. Dozens of stories criss-cross each other in this mosaic narrative and, like an X-ray, show us a cross-section of the city.

In our Official Selection:


Judith Veenendaal | Fiction | 03:52
OSU is a short film inspired by the true story of how Muay Thai champion Kevin Ross overcame addiction and fought to chase his dreams.


Harvey Kadijk, Smita Gayadin | Documentary | 05:25
THE THING IS is a documentary short film that portrays different types of people, through poetry by Smita James and portrait images shot by Harvey Kadijk the message "We are all human" is proclaimed. A message that still needs to be strengthened in today's society.