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We cannot stop laughing with them but these guys are making serious business. Writers and directors Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil have made the most successful Dutch comedies for a young audience in recent years. Their three previous films, New Kids Turbo, New Kids Nitro and Bros Before Hos grossed more than fifteen million euro’s at the Dutch box-office with almost two million visitors. Their movie New Kids Turbo even became number one at the German box-office. Ron Goossens: Low Budget Stuntman is the next step in their career: the movie is as funny as their previous films, but also has stronger character development and a bigger focus on drama. Since its release in January this year, Ron Goossens, Low Budget Stuntman has already reached more than 150.000 visitors. 
Directors STEFFEN HAARS and FLIP VAN DER KUIL and Ron Goossens' stars TIM HAARS and HENRY VAN LOON (and who knows more) will take over the second part of our session, whatever it takes.... #Takeover   #GetReady 

In our Official Selection:


Fokke Mars, Bas Jansen, Max van der Ree | 02:44 | Experimental           
A new kind of organism has been born. It is not made up of flesh and blood, but of circuits and wires. Witness the life of this organism unfold as it grows and thrives until it must inevitably conclude. 


Wiebe van den Ende | 08:19 | Fiction
In a deserted forest two colleagues are debating changes in their organization. Putting their long lasting friendship to the test.