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We've met STEVEN WOUTERLOOD as competitor filmmaker in Shortcutz Amsterdam with the short film 'The Girl Across the Street' and it has been a delight to follow his career.
Steven Wouterlood (1984) is a director of films and tv series. He directed several short children movies including 'Alles Mag' ('Anything Goes') and 'Koningsdag' ('King's Day'). Both films won multiple awards around the world. 'Alles Mag' granted Steven a prestigious International Emmy Award in 2015.
In 2016 Steven directed 'Alleen op de Wereld' (Remi, Nobody’s Boy), a tv series based on the famous book of Hector Malot. This series has been recently nominated for two TV-Beelden', Best Children Programma and for Steven: Best Director in a TV Series.  
Recently Steven finished his first VR movie, called Superstar VR, together with VPRO and production companies BIND and Purple Pill. At the moment Steven is working on his first feature film.
[VR SPECIAL] We will have a spot with some VR glasses available to watch 'Superstar VR'. PS: arrive early :)  

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