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. Special Guest:

Actor, director and writer HANS CROISET is one of this country's most respected names in Cinema and Theatre. He starred in Richard Attenborough's cult movie 'A Bridge too Far' alongside names such as: Anthony Hopkins, Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Ryan O'Neal, Gene Hackman. For decades he was in charge of the most prestigious theatre companies in the country. Mr. Croiset has also contributed with great performances during all his career. He has been away from the silver screen since 2012 but in 2016 he will star in two quite expected movies, Rudolf van den Berg's 'Een Echte Vermeer' and oscar-nominee Menno Meyjes' 'De Held'. 

. In our Official Selection:

Ticking Away directed by Michael Sewnarain

The Clue directed by Judie Feenstra

We revealed and watched again our jury team's favourite movie in MAY.

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