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Special Guest:

JOB TER BURG is Paul Verhoeven, Martin Koolhoven and Alex van Warmerdam's favourite film editor. Ter Burg edited movies such as: Elle, Brimstone, Schneider vs. Bax, Borgman, Van God Los, Winter in Wartime, Suskind, Black Book, among so so many others! For his work in Tirza we received a Golden Calf (aka the Dutch Oscar) for Best Editing in 2011. (Job's picture by Felix Kalkman)

In our Official Selection:

Deadwood directed by Lucas Camps

When Hans' compassion leads to him getting stuck in a dark forest with the sinister Evert and Ria, his patience is put to the test.

A City of Rust directed by Omar El Araby

Galileo tries to convince the City of Rust inhabitants to stop Mr E and his reckless use of the mountain’s resources. Mountain which, he states, holds the energy that is the source of their life. When his recommendations are ignored and the “Rustonians” have to face the consequences of their indifference, they will turn to him for help…