• Sociëteit De Kring (map)
  • 7 Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen
  • Amsterdam, NH, 1017 RP
  • Netherlands

200 SESSIONS! 200!! There is only one thing to do: P-A-R-T-Y. This evening you will see some ‘film rockstars’ as DJs, and we strongly advise you to start polishing your party shoes and stock up your business cards because WE WILL DANCE AND NETWORK! We would like to call you all to join in, because first, we couldn’t do it without you. It’s been 200 sessions of talent, energy, love for cinema, stubbornness and much more. So, let’s cut the ‘blah blah blah’ and dance! :) Our goals for this session are FUN and GEZELLIGHEID, so bring it on.

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Lineup for the evening:

  • 19h30:

  • 20h00:


  • 20h30:

    • You know JOB ROGGEVEEN from the Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning trio: JOB, JORIS & MARIEKE, but you may also know him from HAPPY CAMPER, his award-winning music project. We have received Job as a special guest for his filmmaking career several times, but in this evening he will be in ‘tha house’ playing some awesome piano tracks <3

  • 21:00:

    • In De Kring’s Area: JOAO CARLOS RODRIGUES (Shortcutz Amsterdam’s Creative Director) will spin some records from Rock&Roll to some super weird stuff. Let’s hope he is the only Portuguese inspired in this moment because…

    • In Club Up’s Area: Amsterdam’s AJAX will be playing against Cristiano Ronaldo. That’s right! We will ‘borrow’ Shortcutz’ screen and room so you can experience all the football stress alongside some former Shortcutz special guests and your friends.

  • 22h45:

    • In De Kring’s Area: We will all get together to dance with the unexpected DJ DUO: DIRTY GOD. This week’s all about DIRTY GOD anyway, so director SACHA POLAK and leading star VICKY KNIGHT will takeover the DJ booth.

      DIRTY GOD is the 1st English-language feature from the remarkable director Sacha Polak, it was also the 1st Dutch film ever to enter SUNDANCE film festival main competition and it was the opening film of IFFR this year. This film will be screened in 18 cinemas across the country as part of De Nederlandse Filmnacht from 11th until 25th of April.

  • 23h15:

    • In De Kring’s Area: To end this party with a bang, DJ MAFFIA aka HUGO METSERS will be on the decks. We are thrilled to bring back Actor/Director and acting teacher Hugo Metsers aka DJ MAFFIA to our DJ booth, it can’t get any better! :)

  • 01h00:

    • THE END.

See you there! :)

Read more about our guests:


JOB, JORIS & MARIEKE is a Dutch Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning animation studio founded in 2007 by Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, and Marieke Blaauw. In 2013, their slasher film MUTE was released. Their second short, A Single Life, was nominated for an Academy Award® in the category Best Animated Short in 2015. Since then, the studio focused on making short films. (Otto) was released in 2015 and had its premiere at the TIFF festival in Canada. It was nominated for a Rocky Award.

In 2016, their 21-minute film, Heads Together, made in co-production with Viking Film and VPRO, was released. This movie just won an International Emmy last Tuesday at Cannes!!!

Their latest short, A Double Life, was release this fall and it was nominated for a Golden Calf (aka the Dutch Oscar) for Best Short Film.

Altogether, their films and music videos have won over 75 awards and were screened at more than 300 film festivals worldwide.


SACHA POLAK (1982) is an award winning director and scriptwriter. Her graduation film TEER (2006) screened at many international film festivals. HEAVEN (HEMEL, 2011), her first feature length film, received raving reviews both in her home country the Netherlands and internationally. HEAVEN got selected for the Berlinale, FORUM 2012, and won the International Federation of Film Critics Award (FIPRESCI Award). Her most recent film, DIRTY GOD (2019), has been selected for the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Two years later she finished her first documentary, NEW BOOBS (2013), a personal document in which Sacha explores the choices she has to make as a carrier of the BRCA1 gene. Again, her work gets selected for several festivals.

Her second feature film ZURICH premiered at Berlinale 2015 and won another award: this time the International Confederation of Art Cinema Award (C.I.C.E.A award), which is the jury award for Best Film of in the FORUM competition.

Sacha's first English language feature DIRTY GOD (2019), which she directed and co-wrote, is the first Dutch film ever to have been selected for the Sundance main competition and it was the opening film of IFFR.

DIRTY GOD is about a young single mother, Jade (VICKY KNIGHT) who has to resume her life after a tragic accident. A portrait of a strong woman and her struggle between her outer beauty and her inner dignity.


VICKY KNIGHT (London, 1995) became a burn victim at 8 years old, leaving her with lifelong scars on 33% of her upper body. It has been a battle to come to terms with what had happened and it was difficult for her to connect with other people. Vicky studied health education and social care. She gained self-confidence at school and finally she made a video in which she tells her story. The video is used to show kids that it is okay to be different and to inform them about the dangers of fire. Vicky now works as a healthcare assistant in the same hospital that treated her and in doing so saved her life. DIRTY GOD is her first film.


In the nineties, HUGO METSERS became a well-known actor and participated in Dutch and foreign films (Little Sister, Casque Bleu, Wasted!, Siberia, Band of Brothers). He made his come-back as well-known actor on television in The Netherlands in Holland’s most popular soap opera Good Times, Bad Times. 
Also, he starred in the international Dream Works production Band Of Brothers as the leader of the Dutch resistance. He met Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, acted back to back with Damien Lewis and was directed by Phil Norton (X-files). From that time on he continued actively in acting, coaching and directing.

In 2012 his first feature ‘Raw’ was produced (‘The Devil’s Double’) and released at the Film by the Sea film festival and it was shown at different film festivals and is highly appreciated by established producers and colleagues.
In the same period, he raised schooling for film actors, an up-til-then non-existing form of education in the Netherlands. His foundation, faaam (film actors academy and masterclasses: www.faaam.nl) still initiates the now well-known education in The Netherlands.

There, he directed three features with his actor students: Arjuna, Estafette d’ Amour and Raw, all screened at the film festival Film by the Sea in 2012, 2013 and 2015. Also, he produced many features for the school, such as Free Game, Broken, Lust, Capsule, Me You He She, Project Fear, No Future, Where the Devil sleeps and Swipe me.

In his spare time, he’s also known as DJ Maffia.