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Our special guest this session is the Dutch film prodigy MORGAN KNIBBE. With just 30 year-old and so many stunning films and achievements. Morgan is the author of ‘A Twist in the Fabric of Space’, ‘Shipwreck’ (Silver Leopard-winner in Locarno) and ‘Those Who Feel the Fire Burning’ (Golden Calf winner). Morgan latest film ‘The Atomic Soldiers’ follows the witnesses of the American nuclear tests in the 1950s, this films granted him the Golden Calf and DirectorsNL Award for Best Short Documentary, and it was released by New York Times. Get ready for a ‘feast’ of cool short films because in this session we will screen the short films: SHIPWRECK and THE ATOMIC SOLDIERS (New York Times’ version).


Morgan (1989, Netherlands) graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy with his short experimental film ‘A Twist in the Fabric of Space’ in 2012. For this film on over-communication Morgan received immediate recognition from the Dutch film industry. In 2014, he made ‘Shipwreck’ and ‘Those Who Feel the Fire Burning’. Both focus on the European refugee crisis in the Mediterranean area. ‘Shipwreck’ won the Silver Leopard in Locarno.

Morgan travelled to the United States to interview witnesses of the American nuclear tests in the 1950s for his film ‘The Atomic Soldiers’. The controversial film won him a Golden Calf Best Short Documentary at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2018. Recently the New York Times released the short documentary world wide. Morgan won the DirectorsNL Award Best Short Documentary – given to him by the Dutch Directors Guild - and the DirectorsNL Grand Prix 2018, making him one of Holland’s finest directors of the moment.

In our Official Selection, you can watch and meet the teams of:


directed by Rafael Romero Peña | Experimental | 7:50 | PREMIERE

Fever is an inner dialogue between two extremes, an interrogation mark on the idea of the “exotic”, and its representation through the “visual”. A film which aim is to explore the production, use, and consumption of visual imagery as an integral part of the heritage. Inspired by the claustrophobic atmosphere of Hong-Kong where extreme living conditions, overpopulation, and its postcolonial identity crisis is, in turn, contrasted by the image of a modern capitalist paradise.


directed by Bastiaan Rook | Live-Action | 15:00

Brian, who got stuck in a rut, receives a call during his broadcast that doesn't turn into a pleasant conversation.

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