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This session, our special guest is HANS DAGELET! Hans is one of the most versatile artists in the Netherlands. He is not only an actor but also a musician, painter and writer. But there is more, Hans is getting ready to include another craft to this list. We are honoured to welcome Hans, to get to know him and his career better and offer our stage to premiere Hans first short film as director: RIP, co-directed with Jan Boiten.


Hans Dagelet, his career started as an actor 52 years ago. He has played in more than 40 movies, including Sacha Polak’s “Hemel” (Winner FIPRESCI Prize at Berlin International Film Festival), Eché Janga’s “Helium” (3x Golden Calf winner) and lately he can be seen at Steven Wouterlood’s “My Extraordinary Summer with Tess” (Special mention at the latest Berlin International Film Festival).

He played leading roles by theatre companies such as Baal, Mexicaanse Hond, Noordelijk Toneel, Zuidelijk Toneel, Hollandia, het Nationaal Toneel, Publiekstheater, MC, and, most recently, Het National Theater, NNT and Oostpool.

Hans won the prestigious Louis d'Or, the most important award for a theatre actor, in 1971 and he was nominated again in 2016 with “Ondertussen in Casablanca” by Het Nationale Toneel. In 2018, he received the Blijvend Applaus Prijs, the Life achievement Award for his incredible career.

As an actor/musician, Hans has performed with: Mondriaan Kwartet, Ives Ensemble, Orkest van de Achttiende Eeuw, Nederlands Blazersensemble, Metropool Orkest, Noordpool Orkest, and as a trumpetist he played in Vijf slag Eén Wijd, Barrelhouse, Rosa Ensemble and Spinvis.

He has been seen in numerous TV-series, including: Russen, Levenslied, Feniks, Familie Kruys.

Dagelet created many music-theatre-plays, in which he cooperated with painters and sculptors, dancers, composers and musicians.

From August until December you can see Hans in Rosa Ensemble’s: “Captain Beefheart Repertory”, the Hip-hop Performance “Status”, as well as “Kabarett Dapitulet”, a DaDa-performance with the violinist Esther Apituley.

In our Official Selection, you can watch and meet the teams of:


directed by Nicky van Exel | Live-Action | 06:19 | PREMIERE

Sasha has been deaf his whole life, but that doesn't stop him from following his passion for dance. He meets an interesting, young woman who 'speaks' his language. It leads to an unexpected, silent friendship.


directed by Flynn von Kleist | Live-Action | 12:43

Joey (13) returns home to live with his mother, Daphne after she has won a long legal battle to regain custody over him and his brother Ricardo (8). On the day of their reunion, Daphne takes her sons to a bowling alley to celebrate, until their resolve to restore the balance of their relationship is tested by an unexpected crisis.

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