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Actor / Director RAYMI SAMBO will be our special guest this session. Raymi is getting ready to premiere his first feature film: Aan Niets Overleden (Died of Nothing), based on the theater play with the same title in July in Amsterdam. We will release the trailer of Aan Niets Overleden (Died of Nothing) this session!!! Raymi is also one of the most prominent voices pro-diversity and gay rights in the Dutch film scene.

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Raymi is a versatile actor, director, producer and writer of Dutch-Caribbean origin.

He is the artistic leader of Dutch (theater) production house Raymi Sambo maakt. His latest production, F*ck the Police, premiered in November 2017. This play with ethnic profiling as its central theme, was well received by a diverse audience of young people, police and regular audience, all in different ways deeply moved. Raymi also directed successful plays as Mijn (Bij)Vrouw (2016), Aan Niets Overleden (2014), Op zoek naar Oom Tom (2013) en HUID! (2010).

In July 2018 Raymi’s first film will premiere in Amsterdam, Aan Niets Overleden (Died of Nothing), based on the theater play with the same title. The film shows how shame and fear can affect the love of a mother when society considers the truth even more unbearable than the death of your son.

Before, Raymi directed the applauded short film Premier, followed by The Neighbourhood and more recent Pianissimo.

Every year, in spring, together with Melkweg Amsterdam Raymi Sambo produces an event around the hot theme in the Dutch news at that moment, titled Je Suis... The theme of the 2018 edition of this interdisciplinary evening is gay-bashing.

The actor Raymi Sambo featured in numerous Dutch tv programs such as Oh Mijn Hemel, Spangas, All Stars, Zoop, Klokhuis, Toen was geluk heel gewoon, De Tijdreiziger and in the films All Stars, Don, Cheese and De Tussentijd. He hosted the tv-shows Willem Wever, FF zoeken and Met vlag en wimpel.

Raymi played parts in several theater productions like Legendary Children in the House of Fierce, Othello, Amanda Mandela, Verhalen voor een Warme Lentenacht, Rome & Juli's Posse, De Arabier van Amsterdam, MC Shake.

In July 2018 Raymi will be acting in Poz Paradise, directed by Daniël Cohen. Raymi was educated as an actor at the Theater School Utrecht (1993 – 1997) after following a Stanislavsky acting course at DNA (Amsterdam, 1992). He also followed two years of modern Afro dance training (1992-1994).

In our Official Selection, you can watch and meet the teams of:


Martijn Schinkel | Live-Action | 11:00 

Window to the world is a short film about a photojournalist Eva. How far will she go to get that perfect photo? A photo that perhaps can dominate the news channels she works for. In a war zone, journalist Otto, and photographer Eva flee into a building as it gets bombed. While Otto is fatally hit, Eva sees a little girl covered in dust. A perfect picture! Later, on her way to Otto's funeral she gets haunted by guilt.

#180 Earthly Possessions Poster.jpg

Sander Van Der Eijk | Documentary | 08:07

A pile of trash in the street, the last possessions of a neighbor that has passed away, is causing a commotion. Passersby add their discarded possessions, whilst others dig through the garbage in the hopes of finding an old chair or a vase to give a new lease on life. A camera silently follows this spectacle from a safe distance, providing a visual cross-section of our materialistic society.