Sociëteit De Kring (map)

Our special guest this session is director NANOUK LEOPOLD, one of the Netherlands Best Directors, who has just returned from Berlinale where she premiered her upcoming movie COBAIN. Cobain will hit Dutch cinema on April 5th and you have the chance to know more about it beforehand, of course! ;) 

In our Official Selection, and can watch and meet the teams of:

Esmée van Loon | Documentary | 15:00 minutes

In this short documentary, the viewer gets a very intimate look at the life of the fashionable Dennis Bijleveld: optimist, fashion designer and drag queen. He takes us on a journey through his desires and fears and tells us what it’s like to live in a pigeonholed society. Dennis doesn’t belong with them, he acts to his feelings and is beginning to feel freer. Ma’MaQueen is a film from an observational perspective in which we see a young person addressing some sensitive issues. 

Anna Eijsbouts | Animation | 2:39 minutes

We live in a world in which we consume hate as much as we are consumed by it. This film examines the alluring and tempting qualities of this devouring emotion and why we keep buying into it.