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Since 2006, MARDOU JACOBS is the director of NBF, the oldest professional association in the media field in the Netherlands.

Mardou Jacobs, has also been working as independent line producer, producer, for national and international features, tv-series, producer of commercials and corporate films.
She has worked with directors such as: Paul Verhoeven, Paula van der Oest, Dick Maas, Rudolf van den Berg, Frans Weisz, Theo van Gogh among many others.

The NBF is the Dutch Association of Film and TV professionals and is founded in 1952. It counts around 650 members and it is the oldest professional association in the media field in the Netherlands. The main concern of the NBF is stimulating the social and cultural interests of the Dutch movie- and television production and the professionals concerned.  Another important focus of the association is to stimulate the contact between the members, government and the Dutch society in general. Other important goals of the NBF are the protection of interests of individual professionals and the film and television area in general and providing several services and information about the branch of industry. 

In our Official Selection:

Abigail Prade | Fiction | 11:00

Dutch-Chinese goth Li-An (15) is struggling to find her own identity while growing up between two different cultures. During the Christmas holiday, Li-An has to work in her parents’ restaurant, even though she’d rather hang out with her friends. Her parents who immigrated to the Netherlands from China are more traditional and don’t understand their daughter’s love for loud heavy metal music and taste in clothing. Li-An is seen by her family members as a “ghost”, both in the way she presents herself and in the way she interacts (or doesn’t interact) with people. In these circumstances, Li-an awaits the uncertain task of forging her own path in the world

Jacob Ossef | Documentary | 04:05

Retired kickboxer, Peter Aerts, still trains with unsurpassed commitment and passion. He simply can not let go of his past. His yearning to re-enter the ring is inescapable and with the everlasting support of his family, he always believes in the impossible.