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JOOST VAN GINKEL (1971) is a writer and director who made his debut with his short 'Sand' (2008) which got selected for the Venice Film festival and was the dutch entry for the Academy Awards. Sand won 15 international awards.
His first feature '170Hz' (2011), a surrealistic love story in sign language, was selected for the prestigious film festival in Busan and won the Golden Calf for the audience award in The Netherlands.
Van Ginkel’s second feature 'The Paradise Suite' (2015), had its première at Toronto International Film Festival, was the official Dutch entry for the Academy Awards and won 3 Golden Calves (aka the Dutch Oscars) for Best Film, Best Screenplay (Joost van Ginkel) and Best Actor (Isaka Sawadogo).

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In our Official Selection:


Elsbeth Fraanje | 13:48 | Documentary           

CHE! is a quirky youth documentary about twelve-year-old Che who has a vivid imagination and loves the eerie and creepy stuff. His parents are divorced, but he doesn't really mind. It's actually quite convenient to get a double allowance. While Che is looking forward to Halloween, he finds out it can be rather a nuisance if you live far from old friends and have to arrange a meeting with your dad.   


Elwin Rijken | 08:06 | Fiction           
A divorced woman spends an evening with her new fling on a second date. Together they start to reveal their deepest secrets.


Raynor Arkenbout | 08:00 | Fiction           
Escaping his execution at the hands of Nazi Soldiers, a rebellious Dutch teenager writes a brutally honest love letter to the girl who changed his life.

In our OPEN MIC:

director Kristjan Knigge will let us know about his new project EXPOSURE, a film that explores the relative value of memory and perception on the events in our lives by looking at the break-up a relationship between two women from their different points of view.