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SESSION CANCELLED | Due to an unexpected and uncontrollable situation with our special guest we have to cancel tonight’s session. We used to be Yorick’s fans, now we are groupies! We cannot thank him enough for all the consideration and respect he has for us (and you). Trust us, he tried everything before this but movie stars are people too. This romance between Shortcutz and Yorick is not over, we will continue to stalk him and try to have him in our sessions (if Hollywood allows it).
This is the 1st time in 141 sessions we have ever cancelled a session on the day of
event but we consider it to be unfair to the movies in our competition to have a session without a guest. So, RUN FREE by Raynor Arkenbout will be screened on APRIL 18th and GOLDEN OLDIES by Daan Velsink & Joost Lieuwma will be screened on APRIL 25th. Unfortunately, Chris Oosterom will not be able to share his favourite things to do in this edition of Imagine Film Festival but let’s face it 10 minutes would hardly be enough because their programme is really awesome. Chris: see tomorrow at the opening!
Do not worry; we will continue every Tuesday at de
kring. Next week our special guest is this year’s super golden calf winner Joost van Ginkel (The Paradise Suite) and on the 25th we will welcome Ester Gould, considered by Variety one of ten European Female Filmmakers to Watch, co-director of the controversial documentary Strike a Pose about Madonna’s most (in)famous troupe of dancers who changed forever the way we look to AIDS or homosexuality. We will also have by live-chat one of Madonna’s dancers. So stay calm, there’s plenty of cool stuff coming up.

YORICK VAN WAGENINGEN spent his early career appearing in Dutch films and TV series but since 2005 he has been working mostly in Hollywood. Wageningen broke into acting in 1989 with a recurring role on the Dutch primetime soap opera 'Spijkerhoek' and spent years balancing TV appearances with stage roles. In 2000 Wageningen caught a major break when he reprised his role as a drug-addicted gambler on the run from his past in the feature film 'Total Loss'. Wageningen's performance caught director Steven Spielberg's attention and he asked him to come to Hollywood to appear in 'Minority Report'. Due to problems with his visa, he was unable to work on that movie in the United States, the role ended up being played by Colin Farrell.
After earning notice for his role as a mysterious CIA agent in the humanitarian drama 'Beyond Borders', Wageningen landed a breakout role as battle-scarred criminal The Guv in the sci-fi action film 'The Chronicles of Riddick' and portrayed a calculating English captain in Terrence Malick's 'The New World'. He returned to The Netherlands in 2008 for his role as a resistance fighter in Martin Koolhoven's award-winning World War II drama 'Winter in Wartime', and has since been cast as a sadistic parole officer in David Fincher's blockbuster 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. In 2015, Yorick played Sadak in Michael Mann's 'Blackhat' alongside Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis.
This year Yorick played Klaas in Dennis Bot's 'Storm: Letters van Vuur'.

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In our Official Selection:



Daan Velsink, Joost Lieuwma | 03:00 | Animation           
In a typical fifties diner, a gangly teenager tries to rock'n'roll with the prettiest girl on the dance floor but is opposed by an importunate cool dude and a stammering jukebox. 


Raynor Arkenbout | 08:00 | Fiction           
Escaping his execution at the hands of Nazi Soldiers, a rebellious Dutch teenager writes a brutally honest love letter to the girl who changed his life.

Guest Project:


Imagine's director Chris Oosterom will let us know more about all the 'juicy stuff' to see and do in this edition. Imagine Film Festival runs from 12 until 22nd of April at EYE Filmmuseum.