23rd January | Eye Film Museum | 20:00


Welcome to the 4th Shortcutz Amsterdam Annual Awards! 

For the fourth year running, we are celebrating the best of Dutch short film at the Eye Film Museum, in Amsterdam.  Here’s more info about the event.


Who will be at Shortcutz Amsterdam Annual Awards 2017?

The question you should be asking is “who will not be,” because everyone will be there.

Among some of our 300 guests we have established names from the film world, who will share wise words with us during the festive evening.

Some of this year’s guests include:

Rutger Hauer – actor extraordinaire (Blade Runner, Batman Begins)
Jan Harlan – producer of the late Stanley Kubrick (Full Metal Jacket, The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut) and Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Béla Tarr - cult film director (The Turin Horse, Werckmeister Harmonie)
Leontine Petit – producer and founder of Lemming Film (The Lobster, Full Contact)
Anne Barnhoorn – Golden Calf winning screenwriter (Aanmodderfakker, Adios Amigos)
Job Joris & Marieke – Oscar nominee animators (A Single Life, Otto)
Marina Blok - Eindredactie NTR Kort!
Jos de Putter - documentary maker and producer (See No Evil, Radio Kobani)

and more names to be announced!


What happens at Shortcutz Amsterdam Annual Awards?

Every January we crown the best work screened at our weekly sessions in the previous year. 

We award prizes in 11 competing categories and honour a professional whose work has contributed to the development and prestige of Dutch film at home and abroad (see more about our career award below).

Eleven film personalities address the audience with inspiring words before announcing the winners of each category.

The winner of Best Cinematography gets a prize valued at €2,500, while the Best Film is awarded €10,000 worth in services by Filmmore and Cam-a-lot. See below for a full list of categories and nominees.

But there are no losers. So at the end, we all party!


What’s the Career Award?

The Shortcutz Amsterdam Career Award is given yearly to a film personality whose work has contributed to the development and prestige of Dutch film at home and abroad.

This year’s recipient is Pieter Kuijpers who has recently quit his successful career as a film director to focus on producing films by young talented filmmakers.

 Screenwriter Paul Jan Nelissen (Riphagen, Van God Los, TBS) will make the introduction to Pieter Kuijper's career award.


What’s the Mr Zee Audience Award?

Every month, our JURY selects their favourite film screened at our weekly regular sessions. These films are automatically nominated for Mr Zee Best Film.

In December, a month before the awards, the films tour around the country and audiences can vote for their favourite.

In 2016, Shortcutz Amsterdam joined forces with six other film platforms for this purpose: Louis Hartlooper Complex, Film Platform Rotterdam, Gewoon Reservoir Dogs Maken, Cavak, Arnhems Doek, and Broet Basement.

 The winner is then announced at the annual ceremony.

This is a different award from the Mr Zee Best Film, where winners are selected by our JURY TEAM.


You’re called Shortcutz Amsterdam, but your awards are called Mr Zee: I’m confused…

That’s right. Mr Zee is our dear yellow mascot. He is the star of our sessions and events – everyone’s favourite selfie. You can check out some of them here, on our Facebook page.


Where can I buy my tickets?

Tickets will be available from 16th January at Eye Film Museum. Hurry, because tickets are known to sell out within a few hours.

If you couldn’t get a ticket, know that there is a last minute waiting list on the day of the event at Eye.

Who chooses the winners?

Both nominees and winners are chosen by our jury, a team of experienced and prestigious professionals of the film industry. Check out who they are here.


Can I get a press kit?

Absolutely. Just click here to go to our Press Kit page, where you will be able to download photo and video material related to our event.

If you are a member of the press you may register to attend the event too. Get in touch with us here.


Who are the nominees?

Here’s the full list of nominees:

Mr. Zee Best Director
Jordi Wijnalda: GILLES
Klaas Arie Westland: Exist
Laura Hermanides: Nymphet
Marc de Leeuw: Copyrette

Mr. Zee Best Screenplay
Jan van Gorkum: Game Night
Karsten de Vreugd: Route du Soleil
Lucas Camps: Deadwood
Wander Theunis & Ashar Medina: GILLES

Mr. Zee Best Actress
Albertine de Kanter: Game Night
Alix Jana Cale: Nymphet
Hanneke Scholten: Gotta
Juul Vrijdag: Deadwood
Selma Copijn: Night Shift

Mr. Zee Best Actor
Daniel Cornelissen: Buddy
Mattias van de Vijver: GILLES
Saman Amini: Night Shift
Sofiene Mamdi: GILLES
Sol Vinken: Game Night

Mr. Zee Best Cinematography
Artyom Zakharenko: The Boy by the Sea
Aziz Al-Dilaimi: Three People Find a Car
Mark Lindenberg: Deadwood
Martijn Cousijn: Platform 13
Tibor Dingelstad: Copyrette

Mr. Zee Best Editing
Guido F.G. Jeurissen: VUOTO
Pelle Asselbergs: Copyrette
Wietse de Zwart: Deserted
Wytse Koetse: Jimmy on the Run

Mr. Zee Best Animation
A City of Rust (Omar El Araby)
Bingo! (Patrick Schoenmaker)
Deadly Drive-in Disaster (Arjan Wilschut)
Ticking Away (Michael Sewnarain)

Mr. Zee Best Documentary
Beautiful woman (Diego Nurse)
Exist (Klaas Arie Westland)
Jimmy on the Run (Wytse Koetse)
The Art of Flying (Jan van Ijken)

Mr. Zee Best Experimental
Copyrette (Marc de Leeuw)
Platform 13 (Camiel Zwart)
Secret Sounds (Stephan van den Brink en Simon Muskitta)
VUOTO (Guido F.G. Jeurissen)

Mr. Zee Best Film & Audience Award
Beautiful woman (Diego Nurse)
Bingo! (Patrick Schoenmaker)
Exist (Klaas Arie Westland)
Jimmy on the Run (Wytse Koetse)
Nymphet (Laura Hermanides)
Platform 13 (Camiel Zwart)
Ticking Away (Michael Sewnarain)