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We are thrilled to receive as our special guest this session, director ANTOINETTE BEUMER. Antoinette is the author of hit films such as ‘JACKIE’, ‘LOFT’ and ‘THE HAPPY HOUSEWIFE’. Four years after her latest feature film, Antoinette is back in full force to the film world. She is searching for new talent for the brand new VIDEOLAND ACADEMY (RTL), where she is the Head of Development: fiction and non-fiction, and she also has a new film coming up, an adaption of her acclaimed debut novel, MY DAD’S AN AIRPLANE.

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Antoinette Beumer is a Dutch director and writer. Both her debut feature film THE HAPPY HOUSEWIFE, with Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones) in the lead role, and her second film, LOFT, starring Barry Atsma (Bad Banks) and Marwan Kenzari (Aladdin), were awarded the prestigious Platinum Film Award. It’s the first time ever for a director to win two Platinum Films in the same year.

Her award-winning film JACKIE premiered at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), and she scored a huge box office hit with SOOF.

Her critically acclaimed debut novel, MY DAD’S AN AIRPLANE, was released on January 2018. The film rights have been optioned to Topkapi Films. The shooting starts on January 2020 and Antoinette will direct this movie herself.

Currently, Antoinette is the Head of Development: fiction and non-fiction at RTL, Videoland, where she will be developing new series, films and documentaries, scouting new talent and initiating co-productions.

In our OFFICIAL SELECTION, you can watch and meet the teams of:


Directed by Bart Schrijver | 06:46 | Live-Action | PREMIERE

Window cleaner Dennis falls from the 30th floor of a high-rise. He is in luck: on the 25th floor, he crashes against a window in front of the apartment of Debbie, who is getting herself ready for a date. They cannot hear each other through the thick window, so communication is difficult and clumsy. The situation gets crazier and more awkward in this bizarre comedy filled with miscommunications.

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Directed by Rosemarie Hugill | 12:43 | Documentary | PREMIERE

Fifteen-year-old Joyce suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; an illness that is often misunderstood and sometimes even joked about. What is it really like to have to live with OCD?

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