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It’s official, we are receiving for the first time a YouTube star as our special guest!! We are proud to welcome UK-based SIMON CADE, founder and host of the YouTube channel DSLRguide, the European leading YouTube channel for starting filmmakers. DSLRguide follows Simon Cade’s journey into learning filmmaking and has more than 850k followers on YouTube, and ~350k on Vimeo. Simon’s videos were watched more than 47 million times, and he has collaborated with brands such as Nikon, DJI among many others. Let’s learn more about Simon Cade and the ‘mysterious' YouTube ‘universe.


Growing up, I often switched between drawing cartoons, playing instruments, or building things with cardboard and lots of tape. But after I picked up a video camera and made my first short film, I was confident that music and drawing would be secondary. Nowadays, I spend my time living in Brighton, working on a variety of video and film projects. Working for myself I've been able to combine all of my work-related interests - film, music, analytical writing, business and the occasional drawing. When I'm not working, I try to spend as much time hiking in new places, rewatching British comedy series, playing badminton and having barbecues in the park.

In our Official Selection, you can watch and meet the teams of:


directed by Tommy Köhlbrugge & Lars Cleven | Documentary | 08:00 | PREMIERE

A short documentary about the struggle behind what you see in the social media of the free-running super talent Siebe van de Spijker (16y) from Eindhoven (NL).


directed by Wilbert van Veldhuizen (Wilbrand) | Animation | 05:55 | PREMIERE

A young woman drives an old car along a coastal road towards a village. There is a man in the passenger seat, contemplating. Planning to shape the future of the village, as well as his own.

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