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WE ARE BACK! We will kickstart the 2019 season with the multi-talented ANNA DRIJVER as our OPENING GUEST!!! Anna is super well-known for roles in movies, such as BRIDE FLIGHT, directed by Oscar-Nominee Ben Sombogaart, LOFT, STRICKEN, among many others, and TV series, such as LEVENSLIED and ZWARTE TULP. Lately, she can be seen in the leading role of Belgian-Dutch Netflix series UNDErCOVER, in the NIEUWE BUREN and soon in Diederik van Rooijen’s HEIRS OF THE NIGHT. Besides her acting career, she also has a prolific career as a Screenwriter/Writer and she started a podcast over filmmaking! Yep, she has it all and we are looking forward to knowing more about her and all her plans for the (super busy) future!


Multi-talented Anna already enjoys great fame with the Dutch audience, amongst others, due to her leading role in the film BRIDE FLIGHT. Since her studies, she has been playing leading roles in big productions, films, on television, and in theaters.

After BRIDE FLIGHT, she landed her next leading role in 2009, in the film STRICKEN, which received the status of a diamond movie.

On television, Anna plays a leading role in the drama series LEVENSLIED and ZWARTE TULP. In 2012 she was seen as Ava Gardner on Italian television, in WALTER CHIARI – FINO ALL ULTIMA, a film about the life of Walter Chiari. In the same year, she filmed in Berlin for the German TV-movie DER ZWEITE MANN (ZDF), and in the past year she played in the German film DER BANKRUB.

On stage, Anna excelled in the performance GEJAAGD DOOR DE WIND and in the marathon-performance BORGEN (NNT).

Anna wrote two novels, JE BLIJFT and EI, and she contributed to several TV-series and edited the script of WEG VAN JOU.

Anna will soon be seen in the fourth season of NIEUWE BUREN and in the first Dutch-language Netflix series UNDErCOVER.

Screenwriter/Producer LARRY WILSON (Beetlejuice, The Addams Family) will also take our stage briefly to let us know more about his upcoming screenwriting classes in Amsterdam.

In our Official Selection, you can watch and meet the teams of:


Ismar Vejzovic & Bafl Sarhang | Live-Action | 15:36

Sami, a young refugee from Syria, tries to find his way in Rotterdam. He finds a refuge in a local mosque where an old imam Abdullah takes him under his wing and helps him keep his head above water. Through refugee organisations, Sami tries to make contact with his family in Syria, with whom he hasn’t heard from for a long time. The only comfort in his lonely existence is Yara, imam Abdullah's daughter, with whom he has a secret relationship. The arrival of a young, radical imam, Huseyn, to the mosque marks the shift in religion teachings.


David Cocheret | Live-Action | 06:40

Accidents escalate and pile up when a bickering young couple finds themselves trapped within their wrecked car.

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