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This session is all about casting! Everything you ever wanted to know about casting you can ask this session to SUSANNE GROEN (Groen Casting), BERT VAN KRUIJSSEN (Van Kruijssen Casting), and MADELIEF BLANKEN (Jut & Jul Casting). Get those questions ready.

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After ten years of casting for television series and 5 years of leading one of the biggest casting agencies in The Netherlands, Susanne establishes Groen Casting in 2010. What started off with a few commercials has grown into a company that provides the casting for a broad range of films, television series and commercials, in just a few years’ time. 


A casting director since 1990, Bert van Kruijssen has been casting over the years for tv, film, commercials and corporate films.
Since the mid-90s he focused on casting actors’ voices for dubbings, documentaries and voice-overs for commercials. 
His agency was, in fact, was the first one in The Netherlands to introduce actors on the commercial voice-over market. 
Although voice casting has been his main activity for quite some years now, he still works on casting.
His latest production is a new online drama series for NPOStart, #tagged, which will be on air later this autumn.


As a young child Madelief started acting on set. After she played in several projects (Feuten, De Vliegenierster van Kazbek, De Daltons), she started her own casting agency Jut&Jul Casting. Her casting agency is only for children and young actors till the age of 20. She loves when everything comes together after a casting period. 
To find young talent is always a challenge. But next to the big challenge she finds it's so much fun to work with children and young actors. 
Jut&Jul Casting is one of the biggest children casting agency’s and is based in Amsterdam. They have cast for example Zenith, De regels van Floor, Eng, Van God Los, Kasper en de Kerstengelen (Children Emmy Award winner 2017), 100% Coco and many other projects. This year they will cast some young actors from other countries for a new movie. That will be a new chapter for Jut&Jul Casting.

In our Official Selection, you can watch and meet the teams of:

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Jasper Scholten | Live-Action | 06:49

Mies is turning twelve and everyone is invited. She has enough cake, the coolest playlist ever and all her girlfriends are coming. She thinks... But actually the party is being held on a dull campsite, her father has invited some old people, her girlfriends are not coming at all and there is too little cake. When the hunk of the campsite tells her that he is going to stop by the party, Mies decides to turn things around.

Poster 90 Degrees.jpg

Jochem de Vet | Live-Action | 06:32

Machine over man, the thin line between passion and obsession.