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The student Oscar-winning team of 'Grijs is ook een Kleur' will TAKEOVER our session. Get ready to meet: MARIT WEERHEIJM (director), SAAR PONSIOEN (screenwriter), LOES KOMEN & EVA VERWEIJ (producers), MARTIJN MELIS  (cinematographer), ESRA GHILANE (production designer) and FATIH TURA (editor).

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Is life worth living if all your days are grey? The young Cato is confronted with her elder brother who comes back to live at home after a suicide attempt. Cato tries to get closer to her brother, but he doesn’t allow her to. When she doesn’t know what to do anymore, she unexpectedly meets a strange man with large, white fake wings.




Born in Utrecht in 1992, Marit Weerheijm is a young Dutch director based in Amsterdam. In 2016 she graduated as a director of fiction films from the Netherlands Film Academy with her short film ‘When grey is a colour’. This graduation film was selected at multiple international film festivals and in 2017 the film won the two main jury prizes at the Toronto International Film Festival Kids. On top of that, the film was also the winner of the CILECT award for ‘best student film’ and the film was selected to be a winner in the Foreign Narrative category of the Student Academy Awards 2017. 

During and after the Filmacademy she assisted multiple directors, among them, was Paula van der Oest with the film ‘Tonio’. This was in 2017 the Dutch submissions to the Oscars. Marit also made a start in commercial work by making a commercial for ‘The Hand Project’, an international app. At the moment Marit is working on a new short film with producers N279 en RoomforFilm.

Marit's work is based on subtle storytelling, with a strong fascination for interpersonal relationships, particularly within family ties. 


SAAR PONSIOEN (screenwriter)

At the Filmacademy of the Amsterdam School of the Arts, Saar wrote in 2013 the short story 'Lang zal ze leven' ('Long she shall live' ), an ode to life in a lifeless place. In 2014 she wrote the short story 'Vandaag' ('Today' ), which is about a close family where everybody has to depend on themselves while they all experience a different phase of life. In her final year, she wrote the short 'Grijs is ook een kleur' ('When grey is a colour'). This film won several prizes; among them, the AVROTROS Award for best screenplay, and both the Young Jury Award as the Award for Best Short Film at TIFF KIDS in Toronto. 



Shortly after graduating, Loes Komen started as a junior producer at N279 Entertainment- the production company founded by producer Els Vandevorst and director Martin Koolhoven. Besides developing and financing short films, Loes is working on several feature films and international (co)productions at N279 Entertainment.

Eva Verweij has worked as a freelance producer and production manager since 2011. During her study at the Netherlands Filmacademy, she produced several short films, of which ‘The Good Life’ (directed by Youri Dingemans) was selected for several international film festivals, among others in Palm Springs and Krakow.

Loes Komen and Eva Verweij graduated together in 2016 as producers from the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam. They were nominated for the annual graduate producers award of the FPN and their graduation films were selected at multiple film festivals. One in particular, When Grey is a Colour (directed by Marit Weerheijm), booked an international success. The film won two main jury prizes at the Toronto International Film Festival Kids 2017, the CILECT Prize 2017, the 2016 Topkapi Films Fiction Prize and the Student Oscar. In May 2017 Loes and Eva founded the production company Room for Film. Their aim is to tell stories through the medium of film- stories that will touch you in a way you didn’t expect them to.


MARTIJN MELIS  (cinematographer)





ESRA GHILANE (production designer)

Esra has brought her visual style to various commercials, short movies and music video’s for the past 5 years. During her time at the Netherlands Film Academy she has worked on many shorts and had her internship as assistent on-set dresser for Martin Koolhoven’s Brimstone. After graduating in 2016 she wanted to gain as much experience possible in the work field and developing her personal style as a Production Designer.



FATIH TURA (editor)

Fatih Tura (24) is an Amsterdam based film editor. In 2016 he graduated at the Netherlands Film Academy with the student-oscar winning film “When Grey is a Colour” and with the documentary “The Origin of Trouble” which has won many awards all over the world.

Fatih is now working on different commercials such as Patta x carhartt, (Mees Peijnenburg) and NPO Start (Krijn van Noordwijk). Fatih also worked on TV-series as de Mannentester (2017 KPN), documentaries (o.a. 2 kids&docs) and fiction films: Lejla (Stijn Bouma) which was selected for the Cinefondation Competition in Cannes and the short film Kiem Holijanda (Sarah Veltmeyer).

In our Official Selection:

The Pain Body.jpg

Gerson Oratmangoen | Fiction | 11:43

The Pain Body is a short narrative window where we follow the lives of three youngsters who seem to be connected to each other in some way, with a brutal head-kick incident as apotheosis. 


Niels Bourgonje | Fiction | 9:20

Bram is a very popular guy at school. He has a tight group of friends and enough pretty girls that fall for his good looks. There is only one problem: no one knows that Bram is actually gay. At a party, Bram is the man of the hour and draws the attention of many pretty girls. But he has no interest in them. He has fallen hopelessly in love with the pretty boy on the dance floor. Love at first sight. As the evening progresses and the tension rises between the two boys, Bram realizes that he has to make a choice. When a game of spin the bottle starts, he decides to twist the fate of the evening, and maybe his whole life.